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I'm a Certified Fraud Examiner and Licensed Private Investigator, and I want to help businesses and individuals understand fraud. I would love to work with you to present an educational, relevant and enlightening keynote or training program customized for your audience.



Catch ME If You Can: Today’s Pink Collar Criminal

Join renowned Pink Collar Crime expert Kelly Paxton for 60 minutes of tips you can use to identify a Pink Collar Criminal. This topic is Kelly’s most widely requested due to the recent increase in embezzlement and fraud.

Tom Brokaw has declared the 21st century as the Century of Women. The Pew Research Center just published a study showing that 40% of women are primary breadwinners. Most people won’t begin to think that with this progress comes other not-so-good statistics such as the increase in women embezzlers. In a 10-year period, women embezzlement arrests rose over 40% while male embezzlement arrests only rose 2%. Women now have access to funds and are in positions where embezzlement is generally most prevalent.

Kelly will show you what to look for in your business to make sure your most trusted employee is not a pink collar criminal.

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Honestly Dishonest: A Fraud Examiner's Perspective

Good people make bad choices and bad people make good choices. Using behavioral economics (think Dan Ariely and Richard Thaler), neuroscience, anecdotes and real life examples, listen to how important tone at the top is and how it can affect your employees' behaviors. This is not your regular boring ethics presentation.  I won't say "it depends!"

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Could vs Should

Ethics is a topic that every person, employee, manager and leader can relate to. However, everyone has different views on ethics. Things are more than black and white. Ethical decision making is easy when the choices are right versus wrong. What happens when the ethical choice is between right versus right? Does changing from a should mindset to a could mindset help in these situations?

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Who's Your Fraudster?

Who is the typical embezzler? What are the red flags? Are you aware that most embezzlements are not detected by your accountant or auditor? In this presentation, audience members will come away with the cold, hard facts about embezzlement today. They will also learn about how best to protect your business from embezzlers.

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Non-Profits and Fraud: Not a Philanthropic Cause

Non-profits are one of the areas hardest hit by fraud. Why is this? In this up-to-date presentation, Kelly will give you the tools to ensure that fraud will be less likely to happen in your organization and provide you with resources to educate your employees on ethics and red flags of fraud.

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Oregon ACFE

Financial Crimes and Digital Evidence Conf.

Portland State University

Willamette Executive MBA

Univ. of Portland Beta Alpha Psi

Spokane ACFE

City University Seattle

Vancouver BC ACFE

Special Districts Association of Oregon

Philadelphia IIA


Kelly was one of our speakers for the 2017 Annual Houston Fraud Conference. She was a very engaging and thought provoking speaker and our attendees very much enjoyed her presentation on pink collar crime. As the person responsible for coordinating the speakers, I thought Kelly was very easy to work with. She also made time to sit down and discuss various future potential topics and other excellent speakers for future Houston ACFE events. I would gladly recommend her to any organization looking for an excellent speaker and fraud expert.
— David Kirtland , CIA, CFE, CRMA Manager AXIA Advisors

Intelligent, creative thinker, trusted adviser, and resourceful are phrases that comes to mind when I think of Kelly. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelly during her career at Nike, collaborating on several projects. She was the first person I would reach out to when an incident needed to be investigated because I had confidence in her abilities to follow through, investigate, and find creative ways to stay ahead of and solve problems. Above all, I was impressed with Kelly’s constant drive to keep learning. She is always finding ways to improve professionally and personally to be her best self. Kelly would be a true asset for any position.
— Lauren Hopper, Nike Program Specialist

Kelly is one of the most hard working, diligent and thoughtful people I have had the pleasure of working with. We worked together at Nike, Inc., where she conducted multiple investigations on issues I brought to her. The professionalism and expediency she conducted each investigation was unmatched by any individual in the department.

Kelly is always pushing to learn as much as she can in her industry and any other industry that touches her realm. She ensures she is on the leading edge of all investigative methods available. Consistently, she offers to educate others on the methods where she is an expert, in an effort to share her knowledge with others. I have never known anyone who is more up to date on investigations; search methods; how to track photos, individuals, pieces of information, etc.; and how to connect with the proper individuals to obtain the information needed.

Any one would be lucky to get to work with Kelly on any matter. She is extremely knowledgeable, persistent, logical and has more integrity than most people. I cannot imagine a better person.
— Emma Jensen, Product Security Liaison Nike

We were honored to have Kelly speak at a University of Portland Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) event. She used real life examples, and great anecdotes throughout her presentation which drew students in to the possibility of forensic accounting. She spoke about the difference between white collar and “pink collar” crime and what we should look out for in terms of detecting fraud as we enter the business world.

She is clearly knowledgable about the topic, and most importantly you can see how much she loves what she presents on.

She was able to engage students based on her experience and I would recommend her as a speaker for future events.
— Maddie Goodwin, Advisory Associate KPMG

Kelly presented at the Portland Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors on May 16, 2013. In coordinating this arrangement she was friendly and professional. Kelly was an engaging speaker on the topic of Pink Collar Crime. Our members provided very positive feedback about her presentation. The presentation was informative and even entertaining. This is a great topic for CPE credit on the investigation of embezzlement especially when a woman is involved. I highly recommend Kelly.
— Paul Truzzolino, CPA, CIA Internal Auditor Providence Health & Services

I had the pleasure of hearing Kelly Paxton speak and enjoyed her witty and insightful compilation of groundbreaking research. How a lie makes its way through the brain was a particularly fascinating topic. The first lie—like the first theft—is memorable to the culprit. After that, the piled-up lies and thefts become a blur. Kelly presented the idea that the slippery slope into ethical depravity is represented in brain research. Thank you, Kelly, for the thought-provoking presentation.
— Maribeth Vander Weele, President, Vander Weele Group

From my first conversation with Kelly, I was impressed by her extraordinary professional knowledge and commitment to excellence in serving her clients. That impression has only grown as I’ve had the pleasure to get to know her. I regularly read and share Kelly’s informative posts on LinkedIn, as well. And I have and will continue to enthusiastically endorse her consulting, training and speaking services. She is the go-to fraud and pink collar expert for government, private sector and non-profit sectors.
— Doug Freeman, Ideascape

Kelly Paxton reminds us to keep looking for fraud in unexpected places, that often times it’s the small amounts built slowly over time that can have a devastating effect if overlooked or missed. She has a great sense of humor, her curiosity and enthusiasm for what she does comes through authentically and I have been inspired by her ever since.
— Kristin Corning, Fraud Investigator

I’ve had the privilege of attending several of Kelly’s presentations over the years; most recently in November 2018. Whether the topic is Pink Collar Crime or professional ethics, Kelly continues to bring fresh, relevant material that engages her audience and sparks thoughtful dialogue. As a member of ACFE and IIA chapters that have engaged Kelly for luncheons and full-day events, I encourage other groups to reach out to Kelly for thought-provoking presentations. She is a consummate professional who delivers practical action items any organization can implement immediately. Also, she has a fantastic reading list and is always willing to share her current favorite book or article.
— Ellen Tillotson

I recently had the opportunity to meet Kelly and attend one of her Pink Collar Crime Seminars at the KC IIA Chapter meeting. Over the course of my many years in the compliance & financial crimes field, I have had occasion to hear a multitude of speakers across a vast array of topics; very few have been able to completely hold my attention and have me generate five pages of notes and action items from the five plus hour presentation. Kelly integrated a variety of concepts, delivery methods, and engagement levels throughout her course that provided visual and sensory reinforcement for information retention beyond the traditional lecture approach. I consider my investment in time and money for this IIA session well spent. I would attend another session on related topics that Kelly facilitates without hesitation.
— Bob Lippman