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Pink collar crime is “sticky”

I’m listening to Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.  A quick summary of their 6 points tied to pink collar crime:

  1. Simplicity-these are Main Street schemes. These are “garden variety” embezzlement cases. They are relatable because they happen from schools to soccer clubs to local governments to medical offices. Financial statement fraud is not simple. Embezzlement is #notrocketscience
  2. Unexpected-the pink collar criminal is unexpected because they are trusted and often long-term employees. The boss would never think they would be the ones to steal.
  3. Concrete-They are regular people we see daily. They work with us. Their kids go to school with ours. “We sat next to her for years and I never knew her.”
  4. Credible- It has been a growing demographic since the 1970s. Women are in the workplace and have the opportunities to steal.
  5. Emotions-The stories are heartbreaking for both the victim and the fraudster. Lives are changed forever. Business is changed and personal relationships are destroyed.
  6. Stories-The person is someone we know and can relate to whether they are the fraudster or the victim. They live amongst us. They could be you. You understand their life. People don’t understand Bernie Madoff’s life.